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Aug 14 2020 5:20AM

We are the new suffragettes. We break windows. We are not you.

Today we are throwing pink paint at your door and breaking your windows,  to accuse you of High Treason. You have led us into the valley of death: the wilful destruction of the British state and society. 

We accuse you of the treasonous betrayal of the people for knowingly refusing to stop the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As a consequence we now live in the most extraordinary, fucked up times in the history of humanity.  As part of the British political class, your failure has brought up to the brink of extinction. We now face the indescribable suffering and death of billions of people as we head into a world of 4°C of fatal heat – vast uninhabitable continents – the slaughter and starvation of the next generation. All for another few years of profits for the billionaire class. There is no greater crime.

It is thirty years since you were told we will all die from climate and ecological chaos and you have done fuck all. Since the British parliament announced we are in a climate emergency last year, you have done fuck all. Since the Government decided this month it was adapting to the holocaust of a 4°C world you have done fuck all. Since we wrote to you last week demanding you bring down this genocidal government you have done fuck all.

We are here today to accuse you. Your horror at our actions reflects your self-importance, your self-obsession, your self-delusion. 

We are the strangers at your gate – in the tradition of Jesus overturning the tables of the money men in the temple, in the tradition of beheading King Charles to create a republic of the people, in the tradition of the suffragettes smashing the windows of Oxford Street to get their rights, in the tradition of Martin Luther King’s letter from a Birmingham jail exposing reformists of their crass hypocrisy.

We accuse you of the most vile racism. Refusing to stop the carbon emissions which have now condemned thousands of millions of black lives of destitution and death – in Africa and around the tropical areas of the world.

We have no words to describe our disgust. We have no words to describe our rage. We are all complicit but you have been part of the British Political Class. Your failure is without comparison, your appeasement beyond description, your criminality has no limit.

As our supposed political leaders, we demand you enter into a last battle to bring down this genocidal regime. That means you are going on hunger strike and being sent to prison, your members closing down the country until emergency action is taken.

We condemn you as an act of care, because what comes after us are pikes and heads on those pikes. 

History takes no prisoners when rulers commit radical evil.

Mend your windows and mend your ways. You are on the digital record. Vengeance is the air. 

The Revolution is on its way. Our sacred right and indispensable duty is to take down the government for its monstrous criminality, and replace it with citizens’ assemblies of ordinary people.

It's time for you to step up or get out of the way.

Beyond Politics. August, 2020. 


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