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BP spray paints on elite estate agent “bring down the government”

Jul 9 2020 5:19AM

New political party, Beyond Politics (BP), staged a third Robin Hood action on Thursday, this time targeting an elite estate agent in Knightsbridge dealing in property for the privileged rather than affordable homes for the general public.

The party is doing weekly actions to boost their campaign to bring down the government. 

They are inviting the public to assemble at Trafalgar Square on July 25 and bring down the UK government. 

BP demands the immediate creation of Citizens’ Assemblies to give power to the people.

BP members on mic outside Foxtons

On Thursday July 9, 3 Beyond Politics (BP) party members were arrested for painting the front of Foxtons estate agent in Knightsbridge with the words, “Bring down the government”.

In this quick-fire direct-action BP made the statement that housing should be an affordable necessity for the many not an exorbitant excess for the few.

Members also stuck new, repurposed property listings that say “free” onto the windows. One of those property listings is 10 Downing Street, accompanied by the words “Once the home of the government of the United Kingdom before the 2020 revolution, fall of capitalism and redistribution of wealth. This property now comprises of 20 modern apartments.”

They used megaphones to give righteous voice to the truth that housing is a human right.  

Police arrested several BP party members, who believe the action was necessary as the housing problem is unjust, urgent and unethical and that this government is doing nothing to house ordinary people.

This is the third in a series of weekly Robin Hood actions leading up to bringing down our incompetent and corrupt government. The first two actions, outside Sainsbury’s in Camden and in Highbury & Islington train station, saw activists stealing food to give away for free and opening gates to allow for free travel.

This week’s action attracted many younger participants tired of being priced out of the housing market including party member Nick Cooper who said: “It’s all pretty straight forward. The fat cats in the banks lend vast sums of money to their mates who then buy up land and housing like candy in a sweet shop. The price of land then becomes vastly overinflated and out of reach to younger generations. It’s a government-backed legalised ponzi scheme. The amount of hours that young people have to work even just to pay rent hurts relationships, wrecks ecosystems and pumps shit loads of carbon into our fragile atmosphere. I’m fucked-off and I won’t stand for it. Land should be a human right not an investment opportunity.”  

Beyond Politics candidate for Mayor of London (who was not present at the action), Valerie Brown said: “I am old enough to remember when most young people with jobs could get onto the housing ladder. Once on that ladder estate agents, aided by the British Government, inflated house prices beyond anything you had paid only a few years previously. We flouted our easily made money - capitalism at its best you might say. We all benefited and didn’t think twice as we selfishly and proudly watched our properties make us ‘rich’. Citizens’ Assemblies gives the people the power to set things straight.  Deliberating on everyday issues like housing focused upon the common good would have stopped this immoral escalation of house prices a long time ago.  A decent roof over your head is a citizen’s right.”

Spokesperson Ben McGorty said: “High-rise monstrosities are going up, obscuring the views that people have had for years, without consultation, all for investment from overseas. Investing in every square inch of London, investment in every square inch of our cities. We don't have a say in this. We can have a say in this. We should have a say in this. We've got only one thing in our manifesto and that is allowing people to have their say. Allowing the people to have a say in everything because at the moment our governments - and I say that our governments be it Tory, Labour or whoever's in power are leading us headlong into a disaster we cannot come back from. So yes, I will take these direct actions and I will keep taking these direct actions because I have to, because I give a fuck - because I care.”

Police arresting BP members outside Foxtons

These events are leading to a major action in Trafalgar Square on July 25 to paintball, glitter-bomb and roadblock the apathetic tossers out of power. The people will show them how it’s done and when it's all over we'll celebrate with a massive street party.

Politicians can’t be trusted. Our present, our future and our kids’ futures are in their hands. We’ve had enough of lies, enough of party politics and enough of the tyranny of the 1%.

We can’t wait until the next election to sort this. We need to create Citizens’ Assemblies that are binding in law now. To that end we are planning to bring down this government. Here is the crowd funder where people can contribute to this aim: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bringing-down-the-government?fbclid=IwAR2ouTr1yfITj28mIvsUsibIichPEUi2isHn2T6BeI7ualdBBcKliiT_QFg

BP have a fundraising target of £50m, which they will use to purchase materials for a sustained uprising against the government.


  • The right to housing is recognized in a number of international human rights instruments. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living.
  • Article 11(1) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) also guarantees the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living.
  • In international human rights law the right to housing is regarded as a freestanding right. This was clarified in the 1991 General Comment no 4 on Adequate Housing by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.


The Citizens Assemblies are our last chance to save our future. We will do whatever it takes to give the power back to the people. So we rely on donations and membership fees to pay our way, advertise and help volunteers with their expenses.

You can show your support by donating, becoming a member or sharing this article.