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BP tags NGOs for complicity in government inaction on climate crisis

Jul 21 2020 5:18AM

New political party, Beyond Politics, targeted NGOs by emptying pots of paint in their offices and demanding they call out the government for their inaction on the climate crisis. 

This came after they sent a letter to 50 NGOs stating that the social contract with those in power is broken and so they should appeal to all their members to rise up against the government.

The party has staged weekly Robin Hood actions to draw attention to human basic needs that are not sufficiently met.

BP demands the creation of Citizens’ Assemblies to hand power to ordinary people.

They say we can’t wait till the next election to do this so from July 25, starting in Trafalgar Square, they plan to bring down the government through nonviolent direct actions.

BP is separate from Extinction Rebellion.

Roger & Valerie

Beyond Politics (BP) targeted NGOs including Greenpeace, Amnesty and Friends of the Earth with their latest action leading up to bringing down the government for its inaction on the climate crisis. 

Arriving in their offices, they poured bright pink (their theme colour) paint over walls and floors. They then threw paper statements over the paint explaining that their actions were driven by the NGOs ignoring an email they sent the previous week. In it they demanded that the organisations wrote to all their members, urging them to rise up against the government.

In the email BP wrote, “These organisations know full well what is going on. The climate situation is a total disaster. The government now constitutes a tyranny as it is committed to continuing this mass genocide project – the extermination of the people of the global south and the next and all future generations.”

4 party members were arrested and taken into custody without resistance.  

Extinction Rebellion’s co-founder, Roger Hallam, a driving force behind BP, joined other BP members to pour scorn and paint on business as usual NGOs Greenpeace, Amnesty, Christian Aid and Friends of the Earth.

Hallam said, "The situation is beyond serious and beyond criminal. Our government is presently planning for the murder of billions of people in order to keep the carbon economy in existence. NGOs are living in a zombie world of middle class privileged politeness and denial. There is zero emotional connection with the horror and terror. They need to organise hunger strikes, property damage, mass civil disobedience, not petitions, emailing and quiet words with civil servants. If they are not willing to do this, they should stop deluding people into giving £3 a month to pay their office overheads and get out of the way. Only revolution can save us now."

BP are inviting the NGOs to a public national crisis webinar on the utter failure of environmentalism to stop the extermination of the human race and nature. This online video meeting will be held on Saturday, August 1 at 7pm.

BP targeted NGOs for consistently failing to address the climate and ecological emergencies. Their CEOs failed to agree to join the BP revolution to bring down the government from July 25, 2020 in Trafalgar Square (https://www.facebook.com/beyondpoliticsparty/), for which they have launched a crowd funder with a target fund of £50m (https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bringing-down-the-government).

Their candidate for Mayor of London, Valerie Brown, previously arrested for flying a drone over Heathrow airport, said: “I am grandmother and I am tired of going through every day pretending to my grandchildren that there is a reason for them to care about exams, dreams and pretty much anything. Carbon and methane and nitrous oxide are destroying the future and the government doesn’t care. 

She added: “You NGOs, you claim to care about children, about injustice, about the planet and all life on Earth. No more words, no more claims, no more flights to Africa and India holding children’s hands. Try something different.  Help us bring down the government, install citizens’ assemblies, give back the future to all children. Please join us.

Greenpeace 2

BP member Blyth Brentnall said: “These organisations are turning a blind eye to the government’s knowing extermination of future generations. We took this action because our demand for an immediate response was met with silence.”  She continued, “The CEO’s lack of response to our demands means they are complicit with government on the climate crisis.  Anything less than revolution is complicity in evil.”

She carried on to say: "Only a few weeks ago,  the chief of the International Energy Agency said that we have just six months left to take action to avoid an irreversible carbon rebound in the wake of COVID-19.”

The Arctic is melting, the MET office states that the UK saw a record-breaking dry and sunny spring. The COVID Crisis presents an historic opportunity to tackle the climate emergency.

The UK government is not doing what all the scientists and the government’s own advisors are saying. The government must be brought down and replaced with a Citizens’ Assembly to bring about social, climate and ecological justice.


The Citizens Assemblies are our last chance to save our future. We will do whatever it takes to give the power back to the people. So we rely on donations and membership fees to pay our way, advertise and help volunteers with their expenses.

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