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The Revolution Manual



 " the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties."



Almost four hundred years ago the people of Britain fought a bloody and passionate civil war to establish a principle: no man rules us for his own pleasure, no group of people have the right to impose their tyranny upon us.

The victors of that war made that principle for themselves but not for others – not for the poor, nor for women, nor for the people of Britain's colonies. But the genie was out of the bottle.

We have rights, we are citizens, we will not be denied our dignity: the rights to life and to a livelihood. Any government that wishes to take us to death is not a government, but a band of criminals. 

A century later, the settlers in America decided they had had enough of British tyranny. The citizens of Boston walked up the hill to the redcoats and shouted: "go on then, fucking shoot us if you dare". The shots rang out, America exploded in revolt and created a republic.

The victors of that war got their rights but denied them to American Indians and to Black peoples. But the genie was out of the bottle.

We have rights. And we will not be denied them.

All over the world, indigenous wisdom has fused with the revolutionary idea that we will not be trampled upon. We have inalienable rights. 

If any government wishes to lead us to our deaths, then revolt is, 

 'the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.'

Yes, it is. No shit. 

Is it not our most indispensable duty to bring down any government that entertains such radical evil, as to destroy this beautiful world in exchange for a few more years of accumulating bits of paper with numbers written on them?

This is a manual on how we are going to do it. Come what may. 

Beyond Politics' twin tasks are

1). removing the government and 

2). replacing government with citizens assemblies.

Here is outlined everything that Beyond Politics people (BPers, pronounced beepers) need to know.

Now, humankind is facing its final moment of reckoning: ecological and climate collapse. Are we going to stand by and allow the fuckers in control of this world to take us to oblivion or a hell of endless pain, for their own pleasures? or, are we going to come together and say, we are the people and we will not be denied?

-Roger Hallam, June 2020.

"To endure what lies ahead, we will have to harness the human imagination."

-Chris Hedges on Sublime Madness. 


Our aim: to bring down the government or to win the elections (whichever happens first) and to replace government with citizens assemblies. Citizens assemblies can address the CEE (climate and ecological crisis), make sure we look after each other properly, and set directions for everything else. In short, our aim is to set a new direction, so we avoid being totally fucked. 

It's pretty straightforward, really.

Why are we called Beyond Politics? (A gloriously preposterous quote by Gandhi)

"We, as a population on this planet, have been looking for a saviour. Ninety per cent of people believe in a higher power — and every religion believes in some sort messianic figure. And when this saviour character actually comes to Earth, we want to make him abide by our rules? We have to understand that this is a paradigm shift. We have to start thinking Beyond Politics". 

-Vikram Gandhi. 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'.  


This is the formal constitution: the rules about how we organise ourselves.

The aim of Beyond Politics is to win elections on a platform of creating citizens assemblies. We hold a firm belief that the non-elected public should decide on matters that will affect them, their children and all they hold dear. The climate crisis is the main challenge we face, running alongside all other issues which impact on our daily lives. Beyond Politics encourages the engagement of the public in all political decision making, through forms of participatory democracy.

The Party will be registered in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland).

The Party will contest all types of elections - local, mayoral, and national elections. 

The Party will have a membership and a national coordination group (NCG). The latter will be self-selecting initially, and later -when BP exceeds 300 members- will be selected by a designated group chosen randomly from membership. NCG selection process will take place annually.

The NCG will have nine members and will have a quorum of seven members. It will make decisions by a simple majority vote.

Electoral candidates are selected by the NCG by a simple majority vote. The precise details of candidate selection will be decided by the NCG. The NCG will also decide on Party leader(s).

All governance structures of the Party will be recorded in a founding document. Weekly meetings of the NCG will delegate to working groups particular mandated areas of responsibility as the need arises. 

There will be three party officers: the NCG facilitator responsible for chairing meetings; the NCG secretary accountable for taking minutes and keeping party documentation in good order; the NCG treasurer responsible for financial affairs of the Party and signing off accounts as detailed in the Finance Scheme documentation.

The occupants of these positions will be decided by NCG. Additional party officers will be created by the NCG, as needed. 

Party officers will hold their post for 12 months and then have to be re-elected into their positions by the NCG. They may stand for re-election if they wish. Any officers can be removed from their position at any time through a proposal being presented to the NCG (by ten party members) and being passed by NCG by majority vote. 

Any member of the public will be able to join the Party if they sign an agreement to uphold the aims and values of the Party. If they break these rules, their membership can be removed. Such decisions are made by a majority vote of the NCG.

The Party has adopted its financial scheme. The Party will have a bank account and financial officers responsible for it. 

The constitution of the Party can be changed, or the Party dissolved if seven out of the nine members of the NCG vote for it.


 (July 2020 – updated as it evolves)


The National Coordination Group makes the final decisions on all BP matters (see the constitution above). The current members are:

Valerie, Roger, Ramon, Blyth, Richard, Benedict. 

(We have room for 3 more people – to be added as we get more people involved and greater diversity of membership. These people are nominated by existing NCGs and elected by consensus.) 


The Process Working Group has the mandate (what the group is allowed to do) to do admin, coordination between NCG meetings, and develop the organisation of BP (bringing proposals as needed to the NCG). It will work on the revolution manual, which sets out the whole BP organisational system. 

The present National Working Groups are:


2- MEDIA  








Overall idea:

To maintain clarity of vision and ethics, it is both necessary and most useful to have overall control of BP in the hands of the National Coordination Group (see above).

BP can create projects, as well as give advice and funds to other groups, to engage people's assemblies, community developments, and to stand in elections based on written agreements. These written agreements will allow groups and candidates to use the BP logo (the Burning Pink Heart) and mandate. 

BP is about dealing with future crises by creating citizen's assemblies, not by making specific policies. The issue is not about arguing over a whole bunch of policies through long drawn out bureaucratic processes, but about getting on with the job. If people want to join a big political party, then there are plenty of others around, or they can set up their own. 

BP is about getting on with the job using a 'good enough to go' way of working. BP has a clear way to make decisions so that we don't get bogged down in process politics: we won't talk endlessly about the way to do things. There is just no time to get everything perfect.  

The show is run by the NCG. The NCG creates working groups as needed, including specific groups to work across projects (cross-group project groups). It aims to give maximum autonomy to the groups within the bounds of the strategies and policies of the Party, so people can get on with their jobs. NCG can delegate its own work to specific groups such as a process group to sort out admin, a membership group to assess applications and to look at appeals, a morale and support group to get feedback and to respond to members' questions and concerns. Groups can be changed by the NCG as needed. 

Members of BP (BPers) are encouraged to go ahead with any action that falls entirely within the set agreed format for actions. 

A separate feedback system will be used by the NCG to check on any proposed action by members that do not immediately fit within the set format.

 The process is as follows:

Note this process should not take more than 3 weeks unless there are exceptional circumstances. We need to work fast to get things changed. The process is not negotiable. Write the proposal and see if others agree with you. If they do, great. If not, follow the process described above. If still rejected, then get on with something else.

Joining the Gang

We need you to know what we're about before you join BP.

There are regular induction meetings, called "Sunday School" (every Sunday at 5pm). Every member or supporter needs to go to an induction session before becoming involved in a working group. We may expand the induction session into a whole day induction as things get going to allow people to get to know our way of working and to become involved straight away. 

National coordination meetings are held each Tuesday. Non-voting members of BP (BPers) can attend meetings if agreed. 

Three types of BPer

CCG members – this is the party executive (it makes the big decisions). All the people in it need to be members of the Party. 

Members– pay a minimum of £10 a month to BP, have to be active in a working group or local group, spend an average of 10 hours a week on BP related activities, and sign a document to say they agree with the aims, principles and constitution. 

Supporters – pay what they want (or nothing) and/or join in set projects under the brand of BP as agreed by the NCG.

Election of NCG members

Between 6 and 12 months after the registration of the BP, the founding members of the NCG will have to stand in an election. 

A Council of 20 members will be selected randomly from the entire membership. The Council will take applications for membership of the NCG. Applicants will have to be members for at least 3 months and be supported by 10 other members. Present NCG members can re-apply. The Council will select up to 20 NCG applicants to be interviewed. Each Council member will vote for three candidates; the 9 people with most votes will form the new NCG for 12 months. Then the process will be repeated. Details of this process will be sorted out by the Process Working Group. 

We will ask people to leave (nicely)... 

"Please accept my resignation. I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member"

 -G. Marx.

Do not be offended if you are asked to leave BP. BP is a disciplined organisation and needs to get on with bringing down the government. Not everyone is suitable for this task. There are many other roles out there to change society so you might be better suited to one of those instead. Alternatively, if you decide you don't like BP – that's cool, you are of course free to set up your own political party or action group. 

We are working in harsh and emotional times, on the subject of life itself. We are all in the process of learning.

Tolerance, of ourselves and others, is vital.

We know BPers and supporters may lose their temper or have a bad day. It is important to apologise and to receive and accept an apology so that everyone can move on.

There are four main reasons you might be asked to leave:

1. If you are politically abusive or make other people feel guilty. A lot of "political" people will not fit into BP – BP is a group that is about getting beyond politics (strangely enough) and getting on with the job of bringing down the government. We are not about debating policy details or ideology.

2. If you are having difficulties working well with other people in BP. If you are disrupting the team and/or people aren't able to work with you, then you will be asked to leave. Many groups are brought to a standstill by disruptive members, and we don't have time for this. You might be a cool person, with no intention of being disruptive, but you will still need to move on. 

3. If you're racist or sexually abusive or aggressive, then that's not tolerated, and you will be asked to leave immediately. On the other hand, if you say something tricky, another member may discuss it with you after the meeting. This does not apply to standard street speech (swearing) or working-class banter. We are not about being precious. 

4. If you don't contribute, but instead regularly sit at meetings making negative comments, then please leave. BP is for people who want to get on with stuff, not sit around waiting to die. 

You can be asked to leave by a coordinator of your working group/local group or by someone from the process group. If you are just being tricky or not pulling your weight, then a coordinator will speak to you about it, so you have a chance to respond. If things don't change, then they are likely to ask you to leave. We hope we have a good time together, but there is no time for messing around.

If you want to appeal, you will need to write to the National Process Group within seven days. Keep your appeal short, maximum of one page. The National Process Group will consider your appeal within seven days of receiving it. Any decision they make is final.

Conflict process

If you are not getting on with someone, the first step is to have a chat after a meeting. Do not confront people in meetings because that slows things down and can make a conflict worse. 

If this does not sort it out, contact the process group (or a morale/support working group) and ask for a Quick Mediation. A mediator will sit with the two of you; each person will be able to say how it is for them. The mediator will summarise what you have each said, check it is correct, and then each person has a chance to make requests. 

If the conflict prevents efficient working together after mediation, the next step is to speak with the coordinator of your working group. 

Bear in mind that we are all in service. Ask yourself if you can accept the differences you have with the other person. Move on if you can. If you can't move on, and if you are sure the situation needs to be sorted out, then take the steps above.

Money and Fundraising

BP will raise money -via fundraising, donations, subscription and merchandising- to pay for necessary living expenses, dependent on need so that skilled people (working full-time) can take projects forward. Money raised can also be used to fund collaborative projects, such as people's assemblies and community projects. 

Creative use of media and action will get our name known in the national press and lead to more supporters and financial support.

Living Expenses

People will be allocated funding based on competence and need. Anyone who gets living expenses has to attend a meeting every three months, to give a report to appropriate fellow workers and working group coordinator. (how to do this link). If everything is cool, then funding can continue. You may be asked to take less money, to make sure that money is available to others in greater need. Or you can ask for more if your own needs have increased. The coordinator of the Budget Council (see below) makes the final decision on this. 

Your living expenses may be stopped if you are not doing your job well or not doing the work required. We are not a soft option here. Money is precious to provide funds for people to work full or part-time for BP who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to work with us. Money makes the Party more able to increase diversity and bring on people from marginalised groups in society. It needs to be used to maximum effect.

Decisions about which working groups or individuals get which budgets, will be made at Budget Council meetings to be set up by the NCG. 

Funds will be used to help people from marginalised groups take on roles within BP. This is not tokenism – it's about providing support for great people to make sure they can be part of the BP teams. 

Setting up Beyond Politics Local Teams

We encourage supporters who sign up to the Party to set up local teams based upon a geographical area with a name – such as "BP wanderers based in Hackney". They sign a clear document (link needed) on what they can and can't do to become an official BP team (e.g. no to racism, but yes to leafleting and street stalls). No group has a monopoly over an area, and all teams need to split once they get more than 15 people. All groups will be required to complete induction training, and ongoing training for crucial skills (e.g. active campaigning, good meeting practice, creating a welcoming culture – (need links) to become an official BP team promoted on the website and in social media. All local team members will give a small monthly subscription (£5/£10) to fund the central teams and local organisers. 

Alliance of the willing orientation

BP is not the type of progressive organisation that endlessly tries to include everyone, gets bogged down because no one can make collective decisions effectively, as this usually results with ordinary people getting alienated and leaving.

BP is an alliance of the willing – a group of people who create collective projects which go ahead if enough people make a commitment to take part provided that a critical mass of others join in (conditional commitment). If enough people buy into the idea, then it goes ahead.

BP is set up to allow ordinary people to take power. We will eventually let go of all power we may have gained. Our aim is to hand over power to Citizens' Assemblies. This bypasses the need to discuss policies within BP. This manual gives us a way to work efficiently with this purpose. The structure of BP is not up for debate.

If people don't like the organisation they don't have to join – they can do their own thing. You don't have to get stressed about us getting power because we are not taking power – the plan is for ordinary people to make decisions through citizens assemblies. We are an anti-political party, Party!

Disciplined at the centre – autonomous at the grassroots

We aim to get the best of both worlds. To be disciplined, hard-working and organised at the centre. And at a local level to enable teams to get on with local political agitation with minimal interference from the centre. There are a few basic rules, and then you get on and make up the rest. At the same time, we plan a national strategy based on getting the maximum pressure into one point in space and time (it's a military thing).

Key policies

Nonviolence: the rules

BP is absolutely committed to nonviolence and anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave or will be unable to use the BP brand (this will be registered so people cannot run off with it). Nonviolence means no aggression or violence towards other members, the public or the authorities. It does permit specific damage to property which can be done with your hands – e.g. throwing or spraying paint, or breaking windows. Anything other than these three activities needs to be checked with the national action working group. It does not mean people resist arrest – no running from arrest but walking off is fine. Doing secretive paintings on the streets and such is okay. You can walk away from a scene of "criminal damage" if you want, and continue elsewhere, but if the police arrive, you cannot run away. Sitting in the road and similar, blocking/glueing is all fine. 

This policy reflects a balance between showing ourselves to be fearless and willing to take responsibility for our actions and getting damage done to places where evil is being perpetuated. 

If in doubt, consult with the actions working group. If you are confident that an action falls within the rules set out above, then get on with it without asking. Working groups within BP are set up based on autonomy and trust within these agreed conditions.

Revolutionary Strategy (how we get things sorted out)

"We didn't give a fuck what people thought of us, and that was our strength".

                                                                                                                       -Larry Kramer

Key ideas

BP is about doing what is necessary, not what is possible. It is about sticking to our revolutionary plan, whether the corporate media and the "public" like it or not. Our orientation is "we don't give a fuck what people think about us, and this is our strength" (taken for Larry Kramer of ACT UP – the campaign against people dying from Aids and they were super successful – see "In Love and Anger" on YouTube). 

Who we are aiming to recruit

We are not seeking to recruit middle-class kids who want to be super radical for a few years and guilt trip everyone, and then burn out and go back to their privileges. Kids who want to learn and work with their passion are super welcome. 

We are not aiming to recruit political people with strange dogmatic views who can't work in groups and who get into arguments about weird abstract stuff (nothing personal). If you are "political" but want to work in service with humility to get the job done – then please sign up. 

We are aiming to recruit working people who have the drive and a spark, who want to take down a system which is doing them in. We want to attract ordinary people who want to do radical stuff in a welcoming, not take ourselves too seriously but get shit done atmosphere.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures – whether middle class or working class or whatever– who want to work in teams to get on with the job of bringing down the government and building a new world of people power based upon Citizens' Assemblies. 

Other ideas

"The future is now. It's time to grow up and be strong. Tomorrow may well be too late."

-Neil LaBute, Reasons To Be Pretty  

The system needs to be confronted on all levels

There is no time now for organisations "doing this but not that". BP has to do what is necessary wherever that necessity appears and be able to quickly take up new projects as the opportunity arises. 

With a clear central decision-making process given to a small accountable team, it can be quick and flexible. In particular, it can:

Longer-Term strategy – Staying Revolutionary

The plan is to stay fixed on our revolutionary project regardless of the attractions of posh people or getting invited to posh events/places. This is mainly because it is only a matter of time before there are ecological "9/11s" where thousands and millions of people die. The economy gets massively disrupted (like COVID but forever). This will radicalise ordinary people, and we will reap the political support as the guys who were first out on the block of saying "it's all over – we need to take down the regime". 

In the meantime, we can have a massive effect on society by opening up (the "Overton window") what gets talked about – e.g. taking down the government. The plan then is that the more we stay with our "ridiculous" aims, the more likely people will start to change their views. 

We are in an "escape from Colditz" situation. If we take a reformist course, it will be easier for now but make our extinction certain. There is only time for Revolution now. By taking the risk of being super radical now, we open up the possibility of creating a massive shift in political power, we need to have any hope of surviving what is coming down the line. 

So we need to not be like XR and 38 degrees etc. and get co-opted by lots of liberal-ish middle-class people who like to take things over (have that entitled thing) and destroy our revolutionary vision and practice (no disrespect guys).

Note this does not mean we might not go in for getting an intermediate win to get credibility at a strategic moment. This would be decided by the NCG based on tactical considerations. 

Appealing to ordinary people –"Left Populism with the fun element"

The whole ""ambience – that is feel – of BP is (if you haven't noticed) is not to get all formal and university educated. We write super basic stuff in everyday street language because we don't need to be intimidated by all those professional people who are fucking up the world and you, and telling us what to do at the same time.

We speak our truth whatever our mood at the time – full of rage, have a laugh, really sad, all lovey-dovey. It's all about being human, right? 

We don't use lefty language but speak about things as they are – in stories and pictures and art and jokes. We are beyond politics (hence the name) – we are bringing real life and real people into politics and making it our own – because this country is our country – it belongs to everyone living here. It's not a playground for Eton elites and all that lot. This is our time. 

Paths of success.

We work on a progression of expansion firstly by doing maximum disruption. Then everyone respectable hates us, and this establishes us on the political scene and shows ordinary people we are not like the rest of them, politicians.

Then, we organise mass civil disobedience to the point of exhausting the police (so they do stop being prats supporting the fuckers in Westminster) and refuse to arrest us and say their duty is to the country, not the regime which is taking our kids to hell. (we have leaflets with this on). A few thousand arrests and the police will be overwhelmed. We coordinate with other groups and movements who are genuinely committed to system change to actually bring about system change (instead of being all virtue signalling about it). 

We then pivot to speaking for the country against the 1% and say this is our country and we will decide who rules. We will determine that we will rule via citizens assemblies. We are not a minority, we are the majority. People will get excited and decide to give up on their boring lives waiting to die and come out on the get and join the Party. It will be quite something! 

Framing: what we are saying

BP is making clear that the climate crisis situation is beyond fucked and requires an immediate emergency response – this is not matter for democratic debate any more than murder or rape is – the moral law comes before any particular human collective decision-making process – that is "don't shit on other people" – least of all our kids.

But democracy has a vital role in determining HOW to respond to the catastrophe – what measures are necessary to reduce emissions to zero super quick. And democracy has a crucial and ethical role in making social decisions on all matters of collective importance (in the context of the overarching climate and ecological emergency), e.g. transport, inequality, loneliness etc. We have brainy people working on creating citizens assemblies and getting them to work properly. (see link – citizens assemblies) 

We are like a progressive UKIP – a single-issue party but one that opens up the political space to voice the rage and passion of ordinary people. 

So you could say BP is

Some key ideas are

We are beyond fucked

The climate fuckery trumps everything. 2C average temperature is effectively locked and without an immediate complete changing around of the global economy away from "growth," there will mass starvation and all the horrors which go with it (rape and death). The present system is incapable of change, and so there needs to be mass political disruption. We are here to organise that. Let's get on with it. A do with all our rage and all our wit. 

Deliberation is the answer to fascism

As we hit ever more significant crises and shocks from the climate and the elites running off with our money – people will be drawn by fear and loathing into supporting various forms of nasty governments – fascism and all that. The only alternative is radical deliberative democracy where ordinary people can be in control by seeing people like them actually making decisions – through citizens assemblies where people are selected randomly from the population. And given time to freely talk together to come to well-considered and democratically legitimate choices on "what is to be done" on all the upcoming challenges we face. 

Telling the truth rather than messaging

We have to move away from the manipulation and lies of conventional politics which focuses on "what message will create what effect". Instead for us, the key is to enable people to "tell their truth as it appears at that moment". Authenticity is the only thing that counts, it's the only thing that builds trust. This means enabling ordinary people to speak in everyday language. People aren't going to like us hearing it, but that is our strength – to tell it as it is. Fearlessness brings down the regime. "The fear has gone". 

Respect - we put respect at the centre of what we say. We are all human and all imperfect. With our opponents (even when giving them a hard time) and between ourselves. This means practice-based rules: respect statements in meetings (see link), not naming and shaming each other, having a transparent process of induction and asking people to leave when they are up to no good. 

The three ways of saying it as it is.

Rage/Anger – this can include "name and shaming" if there is authentic rage (this is when you are super emotional in a particular moment) – and if it conveys a rage rather than a fixed hatred of someone ( these things are very different) – but this can be combined with humour and self-mockery and depreciation, e.g. "you fuckers, you fuckers x10". "Nonviolent communication" is often just a way in which rage gets repressed. So it's hypocritical to say it is not within us. Better to have it out in the open and have it done with, as long as it leads to communication/dialogue (see below)

Humour/Ridicule – This is a central part of British and working-class culture. The world is too mad to take it seriously. It's good to poke fun at ourselves as mentioned but also at the opposition. Ridicule is used to promote the idea that the bad guys are not just mad – they are just totally embarrassing, WTF they are soooo bad at their jobs and that sort of thing. 

Some ways of doing this are to over-exaggerate our criticisms of them, accept their criticisms of us but exaggerate them ("yes we eat babies too"). Have regular jokes/memes in our communication channels even if nothing to do with "politics". So our culture is not separate from politics (we discuss football). 

Love/care – Politics is full of othering (put down other people) and big egos (if you disagree with me you are evil stuff) – the thing that makes BP different is that we do not get dragged into all that shit – sure we give as good as we get (with a slider of humour), but we also remember and the end of the day we are one community – one big family of flawed humanity – we were all thrown into the world, and we must all die. We all fuck up. We all compromise. So when we meet our enemies we remember to treat them with respect – also that way we are more likely to get them to give up their power and give it to the people- that is we enable them to save face. Also, macho men cannot cope with loooove! Which is sort of funny to see!

A big idea here then is "tough love" – we give people a hard time because they need a kick up the arse, but we remember and communicate that we still seek their wellbeing (stay in a love mode). 

Note that a lot of people are into "Love and Rage" but don't do either – when we rage we really go for it and the same with love – we really go for it – give that man a kiss! Changing the world is all about emotion and feeling – otherwise, we are all damned. 

Disruption then the dialogue and a sorted situation (push and pull)

Using these three frames in successions then creates a push-pull process of getting the attention of the bad guys and the public. It confuses them. We say they are fuckers and then we are friendly, and we should sit down and talk. Disruption (material things or through what we say) then must be followed by creating spaces for dialogue – a standard thing is to ask for public youtube debates where we can argue over 1.5 hours and make human connections with the opponents and the public at the same time. Of course, if we overdo the disruption, we publicly apologise (and then do it again in a more humorous way). Everyone makes mistakes – it's no big deal. It's the rough and tumble of politics, right?

Lastly, all this creates interest and confusion over "what are these guys saying?". We do not explain ourselves -we are going to bring down the government – "are they for real or not?"

The social contract – this is the intellectual bit

At the same time as being rageful and then messing around, we also contrast this with serious "we know our stuff" articles, and videos – e.g. on the ins and outs of citizens assemblies. But even on the social contract – key points here are:

Two opponents – the bad guys in government and the bad guys on the Left. 

At least initially the biggest problem is going to be with the conventional "left" who will hate any new guys on the block and try to destroy us through hateful criticism or by joining and taking us over. The first thing is to totally expect this to happen and secondly not just "take it". 

These are the sort of people that when you talk about the death of billions of people they tell you are racist because you didn't put capital in the word "Asian" – you don't know whether to laugh or cry! 

Drawing on the things above, the plan is to treat these people the same as any other opponent. 

Dealing with the British Public – more tough love

The British public are totally involved in screwing their kids (not to mention the global south), and so they need disrupting. Because doing this is not on and they need to be told it's not on. Not because we hate them or being arrogant but because it's real and they need to pull their socks up and take down the government madness. This is a tough-love thing – we are all part of a national community – this is what community means – being told you are acting like an arse when you are.

They have a duty to rebel against a government which forces them to be complicit in the death of our kids and the country. To not do so is "embarrassing" – it's ridiculous. 

We bring in the fury of being patronised, deceived, betrayed. We use the big T word TREASON, yes call a spade a spade. Focus on their kids, their communities and the country.

Upsetting people is gooood!

Do down the liberals; Subvert the police.

The focus off our messaging should be on attacking the liberals for the reasons given by ML King 

"I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. First, I must confess that over the past few years, I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Councillor or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who continually says: "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action"; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a "more convenient season." Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection."

― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

They create a block to radical action by sucking people into useful reformism and criticising anything that actually works – that means direct action. They always promote the pseudo radical of virtue signalling and victimisation/guilt complex in culture wars and then patronise the "lower orders" by making out they do not have the time/money to make Revolution. 

Well, fuck that! 

With the police, the plan is to be smart. Yes, many are racist, but racism is structural – rooted in the top of the hierarchy and in the screwed-up nature of our super unequal society. The main point here is the enemy is not the average police person, but the elites who control society and get the police to do their dirty work. Most police spend their time dealing with the shit which is caused by the austerity and the loss of social services. This means we should appeal and harass street-level police officers at every opportunity to defect and refuse to police/arrest/jail us. When the police defect, the regime falls. Really that is how it happens. 

So the leaflets say:

"stop being a prat, and stop arresting us, and go and arrest that fucker the prime minister".

Last but not least: shit, sex and death

“Every joke is a tiny revolution.”

-George Orwell 

These are the three things people pay attention to, so we use them explicitly and implicitly in all the things we say – exaggerate them and make humour out of them. Use them to undermine and shock the opponent and pull them out of balance. This breaking of taboos causes outrage but secretly people love it – ordinary people anyway. It's a Freud thing! 

As a sort of ending.

 "nothing but madness will do battle with malignant power and 'spiritual wickedness in high places.' 

                                                            - Reinhold Niebuhr.    

We agree that most of us are decent people who care for others. It's in our genes to be nice and to cooperate. Humans are pretty awesome.

We agree that the scale of the horror we are facing, and the suffering and Anger, not only justify swearing words but makes these the closest we can get to describing how things are. Many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide already live in horror, and horror is coming toward us too. A more significant horror than anything humanity has ever faced before. But the horror can be reduced.

To lessen people's suffering, we are prepared to go to jail. For the greater good. For the future.

Going to jail is not our aim. We may go to jail with light or heavy heart, or both (if you stop still and listen, you may find that sensations don't always stay the same from moment to moment). But we do not go to jail lightly.

Our aim is life. We are ready to take on sacrifice as a duty. Extinction is coming up on us slowly, is more and more likely, and when it comes, it will be final. Forever. No more humans, nothing. Nada. This might sound simplistic because it is simple. It's where we're heading unless we change suddenly unless we change now. People of BP have come to this point only after checking out everything else most carefully. As if life depends on it.

Climate change and ecological destruction is here and is messy, and things will get much, much worse, and then again worse than we thought it ever could be. If you doubt this, speak to a Yemeni citizen, or speak to an Australian.

But we 'do not go gentle into that good night'. We use nonviolence as a way to revolt, a way to transformation. We step out and challenge and change. It is the right thing to do.

For some of us, nonviolent direct action is a moral and spiritual thing, for others a way to achieve a goal.

Those with power are murdering us. We reckon we can all agree on that by now. In the shorter term, those with power are making us miserable, in the longer term, they are set to kill us more painfully and slowly. Annihilating life on Earth, with us on it, together with millions of species that don't have a say or a choice. Those with power are rapidly getting rid of all the possible futures in which we could live with dignity.

Beyond Politics is made by a combination of all our skills, ideas and contradictions. Putting them out there for all to see. Showing the qualities that make us human make us humane. Because they're funny and because when we are open, we can see the vanity that moves us, our fears, our wants. Once we can laugh at ourselves, at each other and everyone else, then we can start having a proper good conversation and working together to bring down the government, put the citizens' assemblies in place and literally save the world. It sounds romantic, right?

Some of us are gathering up the courage and stepping out to do this, for our children, grandchildren, for our families and for our communities. For the love of humanity, for the love of nature, love for life, for animals, for everything. For our sanity, and for ourselves. We may be following a sense of duty, a sense of justice, or destiny. Maybe with a sense of a higher self, or intuition, or whatever it is, that makes us think at the speed of light. Perhaps because there is nothing else we can do. Or nothing else we want to do.


Or keep business as usual, surrender and die? No fucking way.

Pull your socks up! The Future Is Now. 

We do what has to be done.

Whatever it takes.